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Pricing Details

Boyer’s Buggy Bath provides show-quality level of auto detailing for an affordable price, and has unmatched customer convenience by detailing at homes or locations specified by the customer.  To obtain our competitive pricing, we calculate our expenses and estimate profits based on the size of the vehicle. Due to the time and materials required to detail a Mini Van, when compared to a Compact Car, the Mini Van will be more expensive. 

Detailing Location Requirements

Since we detail vehicles at customers homes or specified locations, we require a few things to effectively complete our job. Boyer’s Buggy Bath will need access to electricity and running water which should be located near a safe area that we can detail the vehicle. The customer does not need to be present during the Auto Detailing, but Boyer’s Buggy Bath may request the vehicles key depending on the detailing service.  

Business Coverage

We cover a wide area starting in Gardner, Massachusetts. At no cost to the costumer, Boyer’s Buggy Bath will drive up to 40 miles, which is equivalent to 20 miles each way. For mileage that exceeds a total of 40 miles, we will charge 30 Cents Per Mile. Before driving to the customer’s house or specified location, we will determine if the additional 30 Cents Per Mile is necessary and provide the cost. 

Auto Detailing

Please contact Boyer's Buggy Bath for prices on Cars, SUVs, Trucks, and Vans.

Other Vehicle Categories

Upon request, we can Detail Supercars, Larger Trucks, Utility Trucks, Semi-Trailer Trucks, Auto-Transport Vehicles, Buses, Motorcycles, Boats, Campers and other similar vehicles. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like prices for a vehicle that may not be listed.

Discounts & Offers

Along with show-quality level of auto detailing for an affordable price, Boyer’s Buggy Bath provides discounts when hired to Auto Detail the Interior & Exterior (Complete Auto Detailing Service) of multiple vehicles on the same day at the same location within the same period. 

Two (2) vehicles are eligible to receive a 5% discount, three (3) vehicles are eligible to receive a 10% discount, and four (4) or more vehicles are eligible to receive a 15% discount. 

Boyer’s Buggy Bath provides a 5% discount for repeat customers who schedule a Complete Auto Detailing Service within one year from their last Detailing Service. 

Discounts and Offers cannot exceed 15% and may not be used with other promotions or offers. When you contact us to schedule your Detailing Service we will provide all eligible discounts. 


When the weather is not perfect, Boyer’s Buggy Bath may still detail vehicles. We accomplish this by setting up canopies over the vehicle. If the weather is too dangerous or heavy, we will reschedule at the customers convenience. 

Winter Seasons

We do not Auto Detail During the Winter Seasons unless the customer can provide a heated garage or a garage where our heaters maybe setup. 

Gratitude, Tips, and Support

Gratitude as a tip is not required and will never be requested by Boyer’s Buggy Bath. If additional compensation is gifted, Boyer’s Buggy Bath truly appreciates your generosity and thanks you. You may also support Boyer’s Buggy Bath by following us on Face Book, provide 5 Star review on Google +, and by referring us to family and friends. Repeat customers and referrals is the most import aspect to growing our business and we truly appreciate your business and support.